Housewarming Invitation Wordings

One of the biggest milestone in anyone’s life is buying a new house. To celebrate moving into the new, housewarming party is a must. For inviting your guests to the housewarming or griha pravesh ceremony beautiful invitation should be sent.

We have complied some of the best wordings for griha pravesh invitation :

“You are invited to brighten up our new home with your love and blessings.”

“Join us as we unlock the doors to our new home!”

“New memories await! Please join our housewarming party.”

“New address, same friends! Be part of our housewarming as we take big step in our life.”

“Witness the auspicious entry into our new abode at the Griha Pravesh ceremony.”

“Step into our blessed home as we celebrate the Griha Pravesh ceremony.”

Gupta Family cordially invites you to the Housewarming ceremony as we step into our new home.

“We joyfully invite you to bless our new home at the Griha Pravesh ceremony.”

“Our new home is ready to host happiness. Come celebrate with us and be a part of our housewarming joy!”

“As we settle into our new abode, your warmth and friendship are the missing pieces. Let’s fill our home with shared memories!”

“Our home is open, and so are our hearts. Share in the warmth of our housewarming. Your presence is our greatest gift.”

“A house becomes a home with friends like you. Please join us for a housewarming as we create lasting memories.”

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